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2018-11-25, 16:00

Voices 4 Health

My piece Letters to Familiar Stranger will be premiered at Eric Ericsonhallen by the Youth Choir of Sweden. Conducted by Erik Westberg.   Mer

2018-11-18, 15:00

Arctic Male Voices

My piece "Hope" is the thing with feathers will be premiered by the male choir Arctic Male Voices at Umeå Stads Kyrka. Conducted by Erik Westberg.   Mer

2018-10-20, 15:00

FST 100 år ...Jag bär tre ansikten...

My piece "Gräsklippare, antenn, fåglar will be performed at Hjorthagskyrkan, Stockholm by Stockholm Saxophone Quartet.   Mer

2018-10-13, 13:00

KVAST 10 år - Grünewaldsalen

Come and hear the premiere of my piece Lina-stöga, played by the ensemble Ars Nova: Agatha Tucholka flute, Natalie Eriksson clarinet, Madalena Rodrigues violin, Hillevi Hillerud cello, Francesco Del Nero piano.   Mer

2018-04-11, 20:00

MATA festival - New York

My piece Ecdysis will have its America premiere at the MATA 20th aniversary festival in New York. The concert name is States of Union and will be held at The Kitchen, 512 West 19th Street, NYC....   Mer

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