Kristin Boussard

Contemporary Music For All Senses                                                               


Kristin started taking an interest in music already at the young age of five, when she started playing the violin. Later she also took up playing the saxophone. Her journey towards becoming a composer started when she got an apprenticeship with the renowned Swedish composer Fredrik Högberg.

When her apprenticeship ended, she began studying for her bachelor's degree in composition at the music academy in Piteå, where she graduated in 2014. In spring 2016 she obtained her masters degree at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. She is currently living in Piteå.

During her creative process she likes to weave visual elements into her music, giving it multidimensionality, either in the form of audiovisual illusions, or simply by using imagery to emphasize a certain mood. This takes the experience beyond the auditory and into the multisensory borderlands between music, theater, illusion and reality. 

Boussard's music has been played at several music festivals such as: Båstad Chamber music festival, New Directions festival in Piteå, Svensk musikvår, Unm festival and others.