Kristin Boussard

Contemporary Music For All Senses                                                               






Min Granne Tonsättaren

Workshop in Tyresö with music students at Nyboda skola. At 19.00 my piece "Gräsklippare, antenn, fåglar" will be played for the first time at Bollmoradalens church by Stockholm Saxophone Quartet.   Mer


Min Eallin at Svensk Musikvår

My piece for accordeon and mixed choir Min Eallin will be performed by the Stockholm Chamber Choir, at Konstakademien, Fredsgatan 12, Stockholm, at 19:00. Conductor is Florian Benfer.   Mer


New Directions Music Festival

My aquarium-piece for 4 musicians Make a Fish Come True will be performed for the 4:th time ever, in Studio Acusticum, Piteå, at 17:20 and 23:00.   Mer


Premier at Hesselby Castle Chamber Music Festival

Baychimo - my piece for wind quintet is premiering at the Chamber Music Festival, held at Hesselby Castle, on March 4:th at 16:30.. Hope to see you there!   Mer


Hidden Chimes at Arte Combustibile

My piece "Hidden Chimes" for Guitar and Accordeon will be performed by Francesco Moretti and Michael Barletta, at the Milano Risuona Music Festival in Milan on the 11:th of november. Here's a Little taste of...   Mer

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