Kristin Boussard

Contemporary Music For All Senses                                                               


Works In Selection:

Bells Chime Over Death Valley (for marimba and tape), 2010 

Windquintet, 2010

Moving Toward Continuance (for clarinet and piano), 2011

Radiation Forest (chamber ensemble), 2011 

Ecdysis (two voices and brass), 2012, Premiered at the UNM festival in Malmö 2014

Faces Grown Diagonally (Chamber Ensemble), 2012

Livsglädjen (mixed choir), 2012

Evolution (symphony orchestra), 2013 

Blodet droppar (mixed choir), 2013 

Rhyolite (classical guitar and percussion), 2014 

Intermezzo (accordeon), 2014

Min Eallin (mixed choir), 2014

Make a Fish come True, 2014 (four instrumentalists and four fishes in an aquarium)

The prismatic dress (string orchestra), 2015

Transient aspiration (SATB choir), 2015

Hidden Chimes (Accordeon), 2015

1783 (Double choir and organ), 2016

Gräsklippare, antenn, fåglar (Saxophone quartet), 2016 

Dry Your Ice (For frozen carbon dioxide and various metal objects), 2017