Kristin Boussard

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Njyd Kvartet - Ambassaden, Århus

The Danish Ensemble Njyd Kvartet is performing my piece "Kraftledning" for Flute, Saxophone, Guitar and Percussion, at Ambassaden, Århus, on the 3:rd of October.   Mer


Båstad Kammarmusikfestival - Fredrika Bremer

My Piece "Nocturne In Black and Gold" for Clarinet and Piano will be performed during the Båstad Chamber Music Festival, I will also be receiving the Fredrika Bremer Scolarship for Young musicians. Links to...   Mer


Premier at Eric Ericson Concert Hall - Skeppsholmen

My piece for Choir "Transient Aspirations" will be premiered at the Eric Ericson Concert Hall on Skeppsholmen, Stockholm on the 5:th of June, at 20:00. The piece will be performed by the Radio Choir -...   Mer


Musica Vitae - Växjö

My piece "The Prismatic Dress" for string Orchestra will be performed by Musica Vitae in Utvandrarnas Hus, in Växjö on the 8:th of May, at 19:00. Conductor: Michael Bartosch   Mer


New Directions Piteå - Acusticum 28/3

My piece for Choir and Accordeon Min eallin will be premiered at the New Directions music festival in Piteå, saturday 28/3 2015 at 20:00 in Studio Acusticum. The piece will be performed by David Wallén and...   Mer

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